mandag 19. mars 2018

What is Norway?

Norway are mine home country and I am proud of the scenery,landscape and the beauty this small country have. I just want to show people around the web what Norway is all about, and with that I mean in a Photographic way. Norway has a lot of weather and it can be greate shooting in a dramatic storm or heavy rain, but mainly I prefer photographing when the sun is visiting us once in a while.
Google+ are the greatest place to be a photographer, and the layout and clean surface are perfect for photos and spectaculare scenery. I just hope other Norwegians or other Googlers joins the community and share stuff around related to Norway and it's beauty. So please guys! Come inside and join the community NORWEGIAN LANDSCAPE

Google+ and my new Photography community

Interessted in photography?
you are welcome to join our community at google+. Will try to put together photos who can inspiere and give answers to creative artist around the web. Google+ are a beautiful place to be when you do photos! The clean and white layout are perfect for being a showroom for our greate passion.
It's importent that YOU join and contribute to make life into the community. One man alone can not get this going. I am the owner and moderator but also a learner and are very interest to learn every day.