søndag 30. september 2012

Opplastede videoer - YouTube

Opplastede videoer - YouTube:

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Eye Candy | Beauty in Nature

Eye Candy | Beauty in Nature: FORNYDELIG (...stunning)

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Splendid race today...Dani Pedrosa closes in on Lorenszo 5 points, but still 33 point in Jorge's favour in the last 4 races.. Next one in Motegi Japan.
Conmfirmation: Nicky Hayden is OK after his nasty crash. Feels sorry for Ben Spies for not abel to reach  his first rostrom.

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lørdag 29. september 2012

Downhill Rock'n Roll Blaafjell-Geiranger road-63

Ørsta kunstlag Rune Molnes

Ørsta kunstlag Rune Molnes:
Fancy be hear today, ut missed it. Realy amazing looking at profs taking pictures from one of the most beautiful places on earth : Iceland....I'am going to check out opening-times at the coming week..

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fredag 28. september 2012

Another Instagram from yesterdays kozy dinner...
A good friend of mine called Arne, are doing some heavy biking lately LOL
Just had to make a little Video about it, just for some teasing....;))

Backup your Google data by Google Takeaway ~ TECHNOZOEN

Backup your Google data by Google Takeaway ~ TECHNOZOEN:

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This is brilliant stuff for those of us who is deep and intigrated to Google. Nice tools to a quick copy of all your things...IF it works properly..

torsdag 27. september 2012

Anybody seen my enourmos penis??
Fantastic dinner today. My beloved invited me out in the norwegian "jungel" for some barbecue.I drove directly from work and found her...well smelled the fire a mile away. Now I am home in my favorite chair and honking around with my favorite PC #enjoyingmyself pictures coming up!!
Cheers folks!! Lunch-time! ☺ A picture of my daily thrusted friend...with this Instagram photo app. Realy I don't find this Instagram so cool that I've been told, not very good quality and not to many useful effects and it's in a stupid format also...I think!?! Anyway it's cool! X)

onsdag 26. september 2012

Downhill Rock'n Roll Blaafjell-Geiranger road-63

Sitting my chair in the livingroom and make me ready to drive my XT to work. The clock is 05.38 and I am finished with all this "must do" things....some quality-time now before riding. It's rather strange to have deactivated my Facebook-account 2 weeks ago, was realy tired of all bullshit,jokes and found out I did not have many common over there. Miss it a little but find it also a bit comfy to not have to read and see all this and that about nothing. I fing Google+ a lot more interessting and serious with a lot of "knowhow" people in many different fields. Find it educatebul and I got also answers on things I go wondering about. Just hope it's not getting to serious!!! This is going to me my looongest blog ever....had been funny to get som input from anyone!?! Cheers

tirsdag 25. september 2012

Windows does the trick for me ...
I'am nearly on fire!! ME blogging!?! feel I start to get a hang on it. My wife baking cheescake so I sat down blogging!! lol
OK the cheescake is in the coming up!! ☺

Rune Holthen (RuneHolthen) on

Rune Holthen (RuneHolthen) on

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Some of our pictures from sunday!!....with a little help from Stupeflix!! I think I have been blogged (Is it called that?) more today than ever before...scary ☺♫♫

Rune Holthen - YouTube

Rune Holthen - YouTube:
Want to try  "blog this app" see if it is some use for me.!
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Have had a marvelous weekend...
Saturday a good walk up in the deep forest at Noeringset to my wife's "Gapahuk" and relaxing with good food for many houers!!
Sunday morning we ride together with ten other motorbike's a stunning trip throu the new local route "Kvivsvegen"- Stryn-Gamle Strynefjellsvei-Geiranger and home to Aalesund.
Home at around 21.30 tired and Happy

mandag 24. september 2012

A busy bee at my home, late August....
coffeetime for my wife and me at Grotli, after a nice ride from "kvivsvegen" to "gamle strynefjellsvei", befor we headed back home to Aalesund throu "Geiranger" ☺

torsdag 13. september 2012

Still havent found out how to fix the CLOCK on my blogg!! this is a test...
Try to keep my blog alive!! ;P
Lunch-time at work, have had a very busy day and looking forward to this weekend when I 'am going to take care of my grandaughter....☺
Some picture coming up!!!
Remember to join my Youtube-channel folks!!