mandag 20. november 2017

tirsdag 14. november 2017

Time to Celebraite! 12000 visitors to my blog!!


I'am not a hot blogger with big boobs, but just an ordinary geek who have some serious interests in photo,bikes,adventures and familylife..
Videos and Photos are the main thing in here and maybe someday I will write some sensible stuff who can change the world to a better place...haha.
anyway, I am kind of proud today..I'am passing 12000 visitors!! #hurray
next celebration are gonna be on 120.000.. maybe??

the end is coming of the fabulous journey up north. 5 spectaculare night and days with a view of your life.
Honningsvåg (nothcape's nearest city), and Kirkenes is waiting..

lørdag 11. november 2017


Part 2 of the journey to Kirkenes with MS "Finnmarken" through Trondheimsforden, Helgelandskysten, Lofoten, Trollfjord and Tromsø.

fredag 10. november 2017


our first couple of days on our tour from Aalesund to Kirkenes up north. Parking our bike at the beautiful boat "Finnmarken" and enjoying the coast on the far way up...

this is the first video of 9

torsdag 9. november 2017

Viewbug does the trick for me!

Have always wanted a greate place to share my photos and to be a part of contests between photogrphers around the world!
I was early a member of Gurushot and for some years  I earned a high status and was doing fine in the algorythm/rank level...I even won a competition or two with some of my portrait photos.
Suddenly one day they change their sharing options on the photo-layout page and there was no way to share to all photographers home: Google+
This was terrible news because the photo site is build to not have options unless you copy the web adress every time you share a photo. They told me the reason was Google+ was a plattform with very few photographers and little sharing around!! Can you imagine? Google + a bad plattform for photos...?
I started to delete all my photos and left Gurushot at ones, and was recomended by a Danish friend to try out viewbug, who was much a like gurushot, but diden't have any Android app for my Samsung...and that is no good.
But viewbug looks greate on the web and I have started to antisipate in contests and in 4 moths I have reach the VIP staus in viewbugs PRO account.
I will keep on try it and will bring my thoughts about the Android app who is coming up soon...they have said for 3 months.
We keep in touch


Walking around a local graveyard here in my hometown Aalesund, taking some photos with my samsung and Nikon friends..
In the neighborhood is a Museum of old Norwegian houses placed in a cool locality, who almost looks like a acient village!

btw: wish you all a greate thursday!

sharing photos on the blog...nice or not?