fredag 19. oktober 2012

Gamle Strynefjellsvei

Nice ride on the SV on the beautiful road "Gamle Strynefjellsvei"

onsdag 17. oktober 2012

MOUNTAIN-riding in Norway

my latest video!

A beautiful clear,sunny and cold day!! ;)

Are Dirty Bikes Street Legal? | Dirty Motorcycle Adventurers

Are Dirty Bikes Street Legal? | Dirty Motorcycle Adventurers:

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MotoCzysz E1pc vs. Ducati 1199 Panigale S

MotoCzysz E1pc vs. Ducati 1199 Panigale S:
Good article, but far to looong... ;)
Electric bikes?..sorry no! Think it is much like Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond: soulless and unimaginative! Have more faith in a development Retna gasoline / hydrogen engines where these is easily converted to environmentally friendly and also be a motor and not a cordless drill. Expensive? yes, but do not think we can afford to take a shit in the environment?
# Happywednesday everybody! ;))
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fredag 12. oktober 2012


This Kawasaki Z1000 SX  is realy a beauty....and if you take on ORANGE afermarket rims you def have balls!! But realy it looks good. My favorite is black with colourful rims, but this is niiice! ;p

WHY 2-wheels??


couple weeks ago! My wife as a pillion with camera!!

mandag 8. oktober 2012

Google Chrome realy does the trick!! Like these apps and Widges from very brilliant developers!
Makes things easy for "ordinary"people. Nice to change the looks of the widges and background colours when you get tired of them. Also to realy make my own app!!
Recomenable folks...

fredag 5. oktober 2012

GIVE SYLVIA your "likes"

This girl realy trying to make a difference ...Sylvia Holthen from Sula outside Aalesund-Norway, she holds Masters in Copenhagen and works tirelessly with great new ideas. This "lock arms" has been nominated for this award which may hang the highest in the environment. Gun lock is now mass produced and put on a lot of weapons around the world and especially in developing countries. This saves real life folks! Then go to this link and give your "LIKE" please.
That she is Norwegian and I'm a proud uncle does not matter worse! :))

tirsdag 2. oktober 2012

SELGER mitt NIKON F55 med 2 stk. Telelinser + optiske filter ++ kr.500,-
Selger også mitt VIO POV 1.5 Hjelmkamera m fjernkontroll             kr.1500,-

Selger også mitt PANASONIC Vanntett SDR Håndcamera              kr   800,-

Honda preparing Dakar assault - Page 28 - ADVrider

Honda preparing Dakar assault - Page 28 - ADVrider:
This is the bike for the big bosses...ehh??

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DIRECTOR'S CUT: BBQ's Best Pair - Memphis BBQ Burger at Carl's Jr. & Har...

OK...starting to get hungry soon!!! #homefromworksoon!

mandag 1. oktober 2012

Good morning folks!
New exhaus pipes and silencers on my wife's Honda CRV I would tell... ;)
Checked out the prices here in the local earea,and the best offer was around 620 Euro. Checked the the net and ordered my shit from Stockholm Sweden with taxes and DHL delivery on the door for 258 Euro!!!!
Recomendable I would say!!

link :